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Name:Remilia Scarlet // Scarlet Devil
Birthdate:Oct 31

» NAME: Remilia Scarlet
» FANDOM: Touhou Project
» CANON POINT: After Touhou 12.3/Hisoutensoku
» AGE: 500+, used to look about young teens, has been aged to physically 18
» GENDER: Female/Female
» ORIENTATION: Unknown/Unspecified/Flexible?
» COLLAR: A scarlet silk ribbon with white lace trim, no bow.

» YES: Master/servant play, blood (vampire!), light bondage (her in control), domination
» MAYBE: Light bondage (her on the receiving end), ask!
» NO: Bathroom play, or bodily fluids that aren't blood.

» APPEARANCE: Those who know her from Gensokyo will find that Remilia looks a bit different on Atia - that is, she looks older (which is odd, since she hasn't aged a day in 500 years). While still on the short side of things, she's taller than she was, and skinnier - and she now has actual curves, though she's still rather slender (think this or this). Her chin-length pale blue hair doesn't seem to have grown any longer, though, and her dark red eyes and sharp vampire's fangs are the same as they've ever been.
Remilia is usually seen wearing a frilly, pale pink dress with scarlet trim, and a matching noblewoman's cap with a red bow - and that won't be changing on Atia. Perhaps her most striking physical feature is the bat-like wings attached to her shoulders, though she won't be able to use them to fly on the island.

» PERSONALITY: Remilia is self-centered, arrogant, prideful and haughty, who expects much of others (occasionally to unreasonable lengths). She's also very curious and likes to indulge herself. That said, she can also be surprisingly polite and gentle at times, loves to socialize and to hold parties (perhaps so others can recognize how awesome she believes herself to be). Imagine a spoiled aristocrat with some redeeming features, and extend their lifespan to 500 years. That's what you get.

» BACKGROUND: Remilia has been the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for a few centuries by now. She moved her mansion to the fantasy land of Gensokyo a while ago, and released a magical scarlet mist into the air that blocked the sun, so that she could go out in the daytime instead of waiting until night. Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame promptly defeated her to return things to normal. Since then, she's tried to investigate Incidents with the help of her trusty maid Sakuya, and has been to the moon in a magical rocket ship, because she wanted to beat another youkai there in order to surprise her.

» OTHER: She is a 500-year-old vampire, and while the only traits she'll possess in Atia are her batlike wings and fangs (and an appreciation for the taste of blood), should she ever regain her powers during an event she has all the vampire weaknesses: sunlight, flowing water, garlic, beans being thrown at her (it's a Japanese mythology thing)... and yet, not holy symbols. But she's otherwise pretty immortal.


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